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Each Sunday from 1-1:30 pm and 8-8:30 pm Eastern Time many wonderful people all around the world share love, prayer and healing energy with individuals featured on our healing list.  Then from 1:30-2 pm and 8:30-9 pm we share with each other and focus on planetary healing as well.    

NOTE: If you're unable to meet with us at this time, please know that any time you are able to assist is perfect and will help the individuals on the list who need healing...)

 A special note about prayer:
A call to shift to an active and effective form of prayer, called
 "feeling-based prayer"

Greg Braden has been sharing important information about  The Lost Mode of Prayer, a powerful tool for changing our lives, our world and our destiny.  The Lost Mode of Prayer was discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran.  You will also enjoy this interview  with Gregg Braden and Diane M. Cooper on the creative power of this ancient method of feeling-based prayer.

"The Fifth Mode of Prayer is an active form of prayer, based in the technology of human feeling. Rather than thinking "please let this prayer be answered," this fifth type of prayer invites us to feel as if the prayer has already been answered... 

Feeling is the power of emotion merged with the guidance of human thought. It is this language of feeling that Creation responds to. In this feeling state we have the ability to touch Creation and the world around us through prayer...As we are surrounded and enveloped by the feeling of our wish fulfilled, we are actually living in a state of compassion, gratitude, and appreciation..."

"Quantum physics is "the study of the non-physical forces affecting our physical world." From that perspective, when we are dealing with feeling-based prayer we are dealing with quantum feeling the feelings of our prayer already answered, we demonstrate the ancient quantum principle stating that the conditions of peace within our bodies are mirrored in the world beyond our bodies...we acknowledge the power of our prayer and know (feel) that the focus of our prayer has already come to pass..." --Gregg Braden


"There is no state of physical decline or damage that you could not recover from--none--not any, if you knew it... If you wanted it and knew that you could. And that's those miracles that they talk about every day. They're not miracles at all, they are the natural order of things. But because they are rare, people think they are miraculous. They're not. That's the way it is supposed to be.  You're supposed to thrive." -- Abraham-Hicks understanding is that health is our prevalent condition and our natural state. When a disease occurs, our health is temporarily in remission, and will return when the temporary condition of the disease has been alleviated.  --Alan Cohen, from the article "Too Good to Be True?  or Good Enough to Be True?"

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Jillian Anastasia, 30 – West Palm Beach, FL - For renewal in mind, body and spiritual health; to have return of life-giving hope, improved resilience and physical vigor, awakening after stormy passages.  
B.K.B., 66 – British Columbia, Canada - Aggressive prostate cancer...asking for positive prayers and loving thoughts for complete eradication.
Catherine, 55 – Ontario, Canada - Fibromyalgia, depression, arthritis, Edelman, impaired
Donna Childres-Jones - Donna has been diagnosed with a blood disorder called Myelodsplastic disorder. It is a precursor to Myelod leukemia.  She will have a Flow Chemistry test and then start treatment similar to Chemotherapy. If this does not help it will mean a bone marrow transplant.
D., 26 – Seattle, WA - Issues with joints/tendons in several areas. Concerns it may be something more serious, like an autoimmune disease. We are really hoping it is something more innocuous, but healing is needed either way!  
L. Dominguez, 48 – Southern California – Anxiety, ungrounded, difficulty understanding and composing complex information.
Sue H., 70 – Kalamazoo , MI - Reiki for continued improvement of leg vein health. 
Tom H. – Kalamazoo , MI - Release from skin cancers; healthy, vibrant skin. 
Nashreen Hussain, 43 – Guwahati Assam – Reiki for bladder and urinary tract
"Tiger" Caroline Keathley, 67 - Arlington, VA.  Tiger has had a stroke.   She has lost the use of her right side of her body.
Rajkumari M, 65 – Bangalore, India - Stomach pain,  difficulty with digestion,  pain in inner organs and uterus, leg pain, arthritis,  thyroid issues, tiredness, lack of energy, criticizes her children too much, harsh towards her daughter.
Manon, 58 – Cary, NY - Rotator cuff tear and adhesive capsulitis in left shoulder
Mary, 77 – Ontario, Canada - Aortic aneurysm, emphysema. Pain.
Michael, 86 – Ontario, Canada - Diabetes, arthritis, sciatica, hearing loss, pernicious anemia.
Milli and Sudeshna – West Bengal, Kolkata, India – Sudeshna and Milli are trying to establish shelter for stray dogs, cats and other animals.  They have space and funding issues.
Deepti M., 38 – Bangalore, India - dissatisfaction with her life and marriage, stuck in bad relationships, wants to have a good relationship with her husband.   Doesn’t take care of her body or health. Disinterested in life due to many challenges and health issues faced in the past few years. Feels tired and pathless/ directionless.
Sudeshna Mitra, 50 – Kolkata/West Bengal, India – Her home situation is not good between herself and other members of her family; she is also having financial issues. 
Lisa O. - Wayne, NJ - Lisa has multiple sclerosis, and also has some side effects from past cancer treatment.  
Patricia Pennino –Ridgefield, NJ – Patricia was told she has a mass in her ovary.  It is unknown whether is it cancerous yet as she must go for the cat scan next week.   UPDATE 3/8/15 - Patricia saw the oncologist and the doctor does not believe it is cancer, but they are removing the ovaries anyway in April.   All of your prayers have made this happen and her sister is so grateful J  
Lynn Peoples, 63 – Fresno , CA – Has Hepatitis C and lots of side effects.
David Phillips, 66 – Washington Township, NJ – Cancer
Sandhya Praveen, 56 – Tanjore, India - Heart issues, palpitations, weak hear, pain in the heart, lack of love from her son. Son is ungrateful and destructive.  Lack of love from her husband and the rest of her family as well.
R.C., 24 – S.F.O., CA - Pray for healing from drug addiction and health problems.
Judi Rhodes – Phoenix , Arizona – Every two weeks her doctor is cutting nerves and cauterizing them.  She also has some very suspicious looking growths on her legs and neck.  Will be seeing a dermatologist shortly. 
Norma Ruiz, 78 – San Diego, CA – Diabetes, hip surgery; she is in a lot of pain.
Deepak Sadana, 32 – Ludhiana, Punjab, India - Suffering from insomnia and feels stressed while working.  photo
Stephen, 20 – Tanjore, India - Anger issues, ungrateful to life and people, directionless and pathless, has no purpose in life, fallen into bad company, destructive in thinking and behavior, attracted to hurt and pain and destructive people, bad relationship with his mother and family.
Cherry Vanderfin, 53 – El Cajon, CA – Cherry has back and neck problems and wants to get off pain medication.
Christina Marie Vanderfin, 47 – San Diego, CA - Depression
John Robert Vanderfin, 32 – San Diego, CA - Drug addiction and depression.
Bridget Wallace -  UK - Pneumonia
Tammy Y, 51 – Campobello , SC - Autoimmune disease, thyroid, and cancer, help with quitting smoking.
Bill Zingle, late 60’s – Hammock, Palm Coast, Florida - Please send Reiki, say prayers, etc. whichever is appropriate for you to Bill Zingle.  He has had Hemochromatosis and the doctors have discovered liver cancer.  Bill is a special person and we are hoping that this diagnosis can be reversed.  Bill lives alone which is especially difficult to go through this alone.

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