Destiny Cards Freeware!
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Learn what your Birth Card reveals about your past, present and future!

This program is freeware.  It's safe and virus-free.  You can email it to your friends or copy it and share it however you wish.

          Download and Installation Instructions

    • Click HERE to download the installation file, INSTALL.EXE, to your hard drive. Be sure to place the file in the same directory or folder. It is best to just save the INSTALL.EXE your Desktop. That way it will be easy to find once you have downloaded it. The download of INSTALL.EXE should not take very long.

    • If you downloaded it your Desktop, there will now be an INSTALL.EXE icon on your desktop. Either double click on that icon to begin the installation process or find the INSTALL.EXE file on your hard drive using Windows Explorer and then double click on the file to run the installation program.

    • The installation program is fairly straight-forward. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

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